Baptismal, first holy communion, confirmation and marriage

Effective immediately, persons requesting copies of Sacramental Records for themselves must have legal proof of who they are, i.e. drivers license, birth certificate, etc. If a parent, they have to prove who they are in relation to someone else, if the someone else is under 18, otherwise we can not give out the certification. No information or records of anyone will be given out after 1930 without a notarized request and for a sacramental or very good legal reason, this is because these are legal documents. Forms can also be found at the rectory.There is a $5 fee for all replacement certificates.

Please mail or Email the completed forms to the destinations below:

Please allow a minimum of 3 business days to process

213 Smith St. / PO Box 668 Grants, NM, 87020


The forms below can be downloaded by clicking on the image to bring up popup, then right click and use the save as option to save a copy on your device or computer.