A local newspaper recently advertised a Latin Mass in Grants. The advertisement came from the Society of Pius X (SSPX), a group which  is NOT recognized by the Roman Catholic Church and is on a list of schismatic churches for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

It is not permissible for Catholics to attend services or to receive sacraments at these churches, for the Roman Catholic Church does not recognize them as valid. In order to be Roman Catholic, a church must be in union with the Pope – the successor of St. Peter – and the local bishop of the diocese. The Society of Pius X does not accept the authority of the Pope or the local bishopsNeither the Most Reverend John C. Wester, Archbishop of Santa Fe, nor Bishop James S. Wall, Diocese of Gallup, has appointed any pastors or priests to this church. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the St. Teresa Rectory at 505-285-6645.


A friendly reminder to please practice social distancing in the Churches

Mass times for Tuesday & Thursday in San Rafael will be at 4:00 pm until further notice.

Anointing of the sick is limited to those in imminent danger of death. Please call St.Teresa’s at 285-6645 for more info.


Bishop:  Ordinary of the Diocese of Gallup, Most Reverend James S. Wall

Priests:  Pastor-Vicar Forane of the Cibola Vicariate, Very Reverend Alberto Avella-Martinez

Parochial Vicars:  Father Faustinus Ibebuike, Father John Cormack, Father John Sauter

Deacons:  Reverend Mr. Larry Chavez, Reverend Mr. Timoteo Lujan, Reverend Mr. Todd Church




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The Most Rev. James S. Wall

The Fourth Bishop of the Diocese of Gallup